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Your Camera or multiple Cameras went offline suddenly

If one of your cameras or all of your cameras goes offline all the sudden, please try these steps.

1. Unplug the affected camera(s) for about 15-20 seconds and plug them back in and wait for them to power back up.  They should reconnect to your WiFi Network.  If they do not, move them closer to the router/modem and plug them in there.  See if they connect to your WiFi after they power up when they are closer to the router/modem.  Please try this when they are within 30 feet of the router/modem.  If they still do not reconnect your WiFi, proceed to next step.

2. The reason this may be happening is because your cameras are probably too far from the router/modem and are not receiving a strong enough signal from the router/modem.  You can see the signal strength on the live feed screen of your camera in the top right corner of the screen. Our cameras need a signal strength of at least 80% or higher to work correctly and not go offline.

Signal Strength.jpg

In order to get your cameras reconnected so you can check the signal strength, you will need to delete them and add them to the app again like you did the first time you set them up. Please refer section 8 to see how to do this. (WARNING: If you have video clips or photos saved in the album of the Smart Camera, they will be deleted, once you delete the camera from the app. We suggest always allowing access to your phone's photos so that you can save important video clips and photos to you phone's camera roll, so they are backed up and safe.  When you reconnect the camera to your app, if it has a Micro SD Card installed, you will still be able to access the recorded video on that Micro SD Card.)

3. It is always a good idea to Power Cycle your router/modem before you try to reconnect the camera to your WiFi.  To do this, please unplug the router/modem for about 15-20 seconds and plug them back in.  it will usually take a few minutes for your WiFi Network to fully boot back up.  


While you are waiting on this.  Please completely close out of the Smart App on your phone and then restart your phone as well.  Once your phone has restarted and your WiFi has booted back up, unplug your Smart Camera for about 10-15 seconds and plug it back in. Refer to the user manual of your model of camera and see if the correct color blinking light is rapidly blinking and in set up mode.  If the camera is not in set up mode, please manually press the reset button for 5 seconds and release it to put the camera into set up mode.  Please refer to your user manual to see where the reset button is and how to press it.  Some cameras require a reset pin to insert into a hole to press the button.  If the camera did not come with a reset pin, a small paperclip or the back of and earring will work.

Power Cycling all of these items will reset them all and give you a better chance of connecting with a strong signal.  Every WiFi Network should be power cycled at least once a month.

Power Cycling.jpg

4. Once everything has been power cycled, follow the set up instructions of your camera to set it up as if it was a new camera.  If the signal strength is still not over 80% after all of these steps, you may need to talk to your WiFi provider about your WiFi signal and they may need to correct it.

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