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Changing the layout of devices on the home page of the Smart App

On the home screen, if you press the 3 dots near the top on the right, you can change the layout of your devices. After you press the 3 dots, press "List View" or "Grid View" and the way your home screen is laid out will change. Image 2 and 3 below show the difference between "Grid View" and "List View".

Grid View

List View

Grid and List View.jpg

You can also rearrange the order of your connected devices by pressing the the same 3 dots and then you press "Device Management".  On the next screen you can long press any of the devices and then move it around to change the order.  You can also select any device and then select "Remove Device" at the bottom to delete it from the App.

You will also see an option to select "Room Management" when you select the 3 dots.  On the "Room Management" screen you can add or delete rooms and rearrange the order of them.  When you select a room you will see a list of all your devices.  From there you can press the (+) symbol to add these devices to a room to keep them more organized.

Deleting Device and Rooms.jpg
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