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Running a network diagnosis report 
on your WiFi Network and sending it to us to determine issue

If you are having difficulty connecting your smart device to your WiFi Network, the WiFi Network may not be compatible and may be having issues.  To test this, one of our customer service reps might ask you to upload your log in your account and run a diagnostics report and send it to our technical team to see what the issue was while trying to connect.

To upload a log to us, follow the step by step instructions below.

From the home page of the App, select "Me" at the bottom right hand corner and then select the settings icon at the top right corner.

On the next page, select "About".

Then select "Upload Log" and on the next page, press "Upload Log" again.

After you have uploaded your log, continue with the instruction below to send us your network diagnosis report.

Uploading Log.jpg

To send us your network diagnosis report, follow the steps below.

From the settings screen, select "Network Diagnosis"

On the next page, press the "Start Diagnosis" button.

Then wait 1-2 minutes for the process to complete. Do not leave the app while this is happening.

Once, the Diagnosis is completed, press the "Upload Log" button.

Then select "Copy the Log to Clipboard".

After that, open your email and compose a new email and address it to Then hit paste, to paste the report in the body of the email.  To paste on an iPhone, tap the screen where you want to paste, and then press paste.

After you have uploaded your log and sent us your network diagnosis report, please email us with your email that you have your Brookstone Smart or Smartpoint Home under and let us know that you have sent us your log and diagnosis report.  We will then get back to you as soon as we can with assistance and let you know if we have discovered the issue.

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