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This hub is like a compact surge protector that plugs directly into the wall outlet, which is a space

saver and keeps things organized. It has 6 outlets and 3 USB ports(1 that is USB Type C). The top of

the hub has a lip that lets you place a phone or tablet while it is charging so it is secure and out

of the way. On top of all of these great features, it provides surge protection as well to everything

plugged into it. It’s great for the home or office.

6 Outlet Power Hub with USB Ports & Night Light

    • 6 Outlets

    • 3 USB Ports (1 USB Type-C)

    • Night Light with automatic sensor (brightness changes based on ambient light/feature can be turned off completely)

    • Device Holder on Top

    • Cordless (plugs directly into outlet)

    • 230 Joules Surge Protection

    • Compact & Sleek Design

    • Space Saving & Clutter Free

    • Included Screw to Secure into Outlet

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