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These amazing smart flood lights connect to your existing WIFI network so you can control them from anywhere with your phone or with your voice using an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled speaker. The cord is extra long with 7 feet of cord between each light so it’s easy to set them up on multiple bushes, trees or decorations. You can set them to a schedule for full automation and also have them change to any color or just plain white. They are also weatherproof so you’ll never have to worry about them when the weather is bad.

Smart Outdoor Flood Lights

    • Wi-Fi remote controlled

    • Changes to any color or white

    • Dimmable & Programmable with Schedule

    • Syncs with music

    • Weatherproof

    • 4 lights on the cord

    • 30 foot cord

    • Solid metal construction

    • App and Voice Control

    • Works with Hey Google or Amazon Alexa

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