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These pathway lights connect to your phone with Bluetooth so you have complete control over them with the smart app. You can change them to any color you want individually or all of them, or you can just have them plain cool or warm white. The best part is that they are solar powered so there is no need for wires or extension cords! They automatically turn on when it gets dark and turn off when it gets light so once you set them up they work by themselves and are very low maintenance.

Smart Solar Pathway Lights - 2 Pack

    • Fast and Easy Pairing using the Smartpoint Home Smart App
    • Bluetooth
    • Control your lights from your phone
    • Changes to any color or white
    • Dimmable
    • Automatically turns on when it gets dark and turns off when it gets light
    • Syncs with music
    • Rechargeable battery that recharges with solar panel
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