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The Brookstone WiFi Smart Hub connects to your existing Wi-Fi network so that you can control your connected smart devices from anywhere with your phone or by using just your voice with Google or Amazon Alexa. Each outlet can be controlled independently so one can be turned on the and others can be turned off and each one can be set to an individual schedule with the Brookstone® Smart App. The hub also has 4 Smart

USB ports that allow the correct current that your devices need up to 4.8A. Organize your electronics with the WiFi Smart Hub.

WiFi Smart Hub

    • Wi-Fi remote controlled
    • 3 outlets
    • Each outlet can be independently controlled
    • 4 Smart USB ports with 4.8A charging output
    • Programmable with Schedule
    • App and Voice Control
    • Works with Hey Google or Amazon Alexa on your phone or smart speaker
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