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QR Code won't scan
to connect my Camera

How to correct:  (Please note that QR code that needs to be scanned is the one on the screen of your phone during set up.  Not the QR code in the manual.) When the app brings you to the set up page to scan the QR code on your phone screen, make sure that the screen brightness is turned up enough to be clearly visible.  Then hold phone steady in front of camera lens at a distance of 4 - 8 inches.  Try moving the phone closer and farther away from the lens of the camera slowly if your camera is not scanning QR code. 

If you still don't hear a beep from the camera, try turning your phone upside down and try scanning the QR code upside down like in the image below.

Try scanning like this first.

Scan QR code upside-down if scanning normal does not work.

QR Code Scanning.jpg
....if your Camera still won't
connect with QR Code 

If the smart camera will not connect after scanning the QR code, make sure that....

1. Your phone is connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network when trying to connect.

2. You are typing the correct case sensitive password when the app asks you in the set up process.

3. You are not too far from the router/modem.

If your camera will still not connect after all of this, try connecting in EZ Mode, instead of QR Mode.

(Not all models of cameras support EZ Mode)

From the Home Screen, click on "Add Device" in the top right corner.

Select "Smart Camera".

Select "QR Code" in the top right corner on the next page.

Then select "EZ Mode".  

Follow the directions to connect it like you would a smart plug or bulb without scanning a QR code.

Connecting Camera in EZ Mode.jpg
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