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Installing and using a
Micro SD Card in our Cameras

All of the Smartpoint and Brookstone Cameras use Micro SD Cards.  To install a Micro SD Card, insert it into the slot on top or side of the camera depending on your model of camera. (See images below to make sure you have the correct type of memory card) Once you correctly insert it all the way it should click into place. To remove it, press down on it slightly and it will pop out. The cameras can use any memory size of Micro SD Card up to 128 GB in size. (Check user manual of camera to see the max size Micro SD Card that the camera is compatible with). If you have misplaced your manual, you can find them on our website by clicking on "User Manuals" at the top of the webpage.

Note: On some of our models,

like BKWIFICAM4, the

"Storage Settings" only shows

up in the settings menu once

a Micro SD Card is installed.

BKWIFICAM4 Inserting Card.jpg
BKWIFICAM Inserting Card.jpg

See images below to see how Micro SD Cards are inserted into different models of cameras.

BKWIFICAM2 Inserting Card.jpg
BKWIFICAM3 Inserting Card.jpg

Once the Micro SD Card is installed you need to format it. To format the card, go to the settings of the camera by clicking on the icon at the top right corner of the camera screen, then click on “Storage Settings”, then click on “Format”.  Then wait 1-2 minutes while the memory card is formatting.  Once your Micro SD Card is done formatting it is ready to record footage.

install Micro SD Card.jpg

In the Storage Settings menu you can adjust your camera's recording settings.  To record video to your new

Micro SD Card you must have "Local Recording" selected.  You can also select what your camera records.

You can have your camera record only when it detects motion or all the time.  To have your camera only record events when motion is detected, you must have motion detection turned on in your settings.  You can set your motion detections settings to low, medium or high.  Experiment with this to see if you get too many or too little notifications.

If you select "Non-Stop" recording, your camera will record everything until the Micro SD Card fills up with recordings.  Once it fills up, it will start overwriting the oldest footage on you Micro SD Card with the newest footage.  Your Micro SD Card will be able to hold more days of footage the larger the memory of the card is.  

For example, if you have a 32GB Micro SD Card, you can probably view past footage from up to 9 or 10 days ago. If you have a 128GB Micro SD Card installed, you can view about a month worth of footage.

If you select "Event Recording", your camera will only record when motion is detected.

Turning on/off Motion Detection and Motion Tracking
Motion Detetion-NEW

All of our cameras are equipped with Motion Detection.  To adjust the Motion Detection, from the main camera screen you will need to press the settings icon in the top right or the "Alarm" button near the bottom.

From there, you can turn the "Motion Detection Alarm" on or off.  You can also adjust the sensitivity level.  If you have the sensitivity level set on medium or low, it will detect and record less. If you have it set on high, it will detect and record more movement. Experiment with what setting works best for you.

In the above section 9.1, it addresses how to set the camera to record all the time or just when motion is detected.

if you select "Schedule" you can set a schedule to a time of day that you would like the camera to detection motion.  For example, you can see in the screen shot below that the camera is set to detect motion only from 10:00am to 4:00pm everyday.  You can always turn your schedule on or off any time you like and even delete them if you want.  To delete a schedule, just swipe left and press delete.

Motion Detection and Tracking.jpg

Some of our cameras also have a Motion Tracking feature.  You can see in the screen shot above that you can turn this on or off in the "Detection Alarm Settings" screen.  If you have this feature turned on, your camera will follow any movement it detects so you won't miss anything.  You can turn this on or off at any time.

Motion Tracking On-Off.jpg
Why am I not receiving Motion Detection Notifications? 

Sometimes notifications might not be coming through on your phone when motion is detected.  To fix this issue, first you need to go into your phone's settings and find the notifications section and make sure that the Brookstone Smart or Smartpoint Home App is turned on.

Phone Settings.jpg

Once you make sure that the notifications are turned on in your phone's settings, go into the settings of your smart App.  To do this, select the "Me" icon in the bottom right on your home screen.  Then select "App Notification".  On the next page, make sure that "Enable Notifications" and "Alarm" is turned on.  On the previous screen there is also a "Sound" option that you can turn on/off.  When this is on, it will have your notifications from the smart App make a sound on your phone when you receive them.  If you have it turned off, you will only receive the notifications on your phone's screen with no sound.  You will also need the sound option turned on in your phone's settings for notifications to hear the sound.  In the above images in step 3, you can see where to turn this on/off.


You can even get the motion notifications on your smart watch by enabling the notifications in your smart watch's settings and making sure the notifications for Brookstone Smart or Smartpoint Home are turned on.

Smart Watch Motifications.jpg
Checking Past Recordings-NEW
Checking past recorded video

To view your recorded footage, open your Brookstone Smart App or Smartpoint Home App and select the camera you would like to see past video from.  On the live feed camera screen, select "Playback", then select "Date".

You can then select the day you want to view the footage from and scroll using the slider until you find the time you need to view.

If you have "Event Recording" selected in "Storage Settings", the portions of the timeline that have recordings will be highlighted on the slider showing the time of day.

To record any footage and save it to your phone you can either press "Record" while live footage is being shown to record live footage or you can view old footage and then while you are viewing the footage you want to record you can press "Record" to record and then press "Record" again to stop recording.  To view your recordings, select "Photo Album" from the main camera screen.  From there, you can select a video clip and then save it to your phone's camera roll.

Scrolling Through Recorded Time.jpg
Download and Save
Downloading and saving recorded
video and photos from the Camera

To save Recorded Video or Pictures taken with your smart camera, please refer to the images below.  The App may ask you for permission to access your photos.  You must allow this in order to save images and videos from the camera to your phone or tablet.

Select the camera, and then select "Photo Album".

On the next page, select the picture or video you would like to save.

Press the icon in the bottom left. (To delete pic or video, select the trash can in the bottom right)

If you haven't already, allow the App to access your photos on your device.

Then select "Save Image" and the picture or video will be saved into your camera roll.

How to Save Videos and Photos.jpg
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