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How to set up your smart app account to use our Smart Devices

Setting up your Brookstone Smart or Smartpoint Home account is easy and FREE.  Just download the

Brookstone Smart App or Smartpoint Home App in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and open the App.

Below you will see the step by step instructions for setting up your account.  The set up instructions are the same for both the Brookstone Smart App and the Smartpoint Home App.

(You will not receive any unwanted emails from your Smart App by signing up)

When you open the App, you will see the start page.  Press "Sign Up".

A user agreement and private policy disclaimer will then pop up.  Press "Agree"

Then enter your email address that you will be setting up your account with and press "Get Verification Code"

Check your email for the code and enter that 6 digit code. (If your email does not receive an email with your code, check your SPAM folder)

Then set your password. Be sure to create a password you can easily remember.  It's a good idea to write down the password somewhere in case you forget it.

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