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Using the basic function settings
in Smart Cameras

When you go to the settings menu on any of the cameras, you will see "Basic Function Settings".  

When you go to the settings menu on any of the cameras, you will see "Basic Function Settings".  In

"Basic Function Settings", you should see "Status Indicator", "Flip Screen", "Time Watermark" and "Talk Mode".  Depending on which model of camera you have, you may see different options. 

Status Indicator is the light that is on, on the actual camera when it is connected to the WiFi.  You can switch this off so the actual camera will not have a light and will appear off.  This is handy for when you want the camera to appear hidden or if the light is too bright when the lights in your house are off and the status light is distracting.

Flip Screen lets you turn the screen orientation 180°.  This is useful if you mount your camera from the ceiling so it is upside down.  Once you select "Flip Screen", even though the actual camera is upside-down, your live feed will be right side up.

Time Watermark allows you to view the time on the live feed.  If you turn this off, the timestamp on the live feed will not be visible. (This option is only available on some camera models)

Talk Mode allows you to switch between One-Way Communication and Two-Way Talk.  Whichever one of these is selected is activated when pressing the microphone icon on the main camera live feed screen. (This option is only available on some camera models)

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Using the Message Center

From the Home Screen of the App, press the "Me" icon at the bottom right and then on the next page, press "Message Center".

On this screen, the Alarm tab will show first and you will see all the alarms that your devices are notifying you of. Usually the alarms that devices notify you of are sensor alarms, like motion detection, water leak detection and window/door sensors.

When you have motion detection turned on in your camera's settings, the notifications for all of the motion detected is in the message center.  They will be separated by date.  When you click on a date you can scroll down to see all the notifications.  The motion notifications for the cameras will have a screenshot to show you what motion it captured and it shows what time it was captured. If you click on "View", it will redirect you to the live feed of that selected camera and then you can click on playback to go back to the time of when the motion was detected.

When you are on the "Message Center" you will see 3 icons at the top of the page in the middle.  These icons are for the "Alarm", "Home" and "Bulletin" tabs.

Alarm Tab: Displays device alarms, automatic notifications, alarm notifications and scheduled execution failure alarms.

Home Tab: Displays family-related messages, including messages for adding or removing home members, removing homes, setting a family member as the administrator, adding devices, and sharing devices.

Bulletin Tab: Displays notifications for user feedback status updates, new device login, phone call notification,

SMS notification, and official pushes.

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Using Message Center
Watch the video below for more great features!
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