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Viewing multiple Camera
feeds at the same time

When you have more than one camera connected to your smart app, you will see a small camera icon in the top right corner on the home page of the app.  Click on that small camera icon and you will be directed to an app page that shows all live feeds of your camera at the same time on a split screen.

The first time you do this you will see onscreen instructions showing you how to control your live camera feeds.

You can check the "Do not show this again" and then these instructions will not show up any more.

The camera feed that is highlighted in a red box will be the one you are currently controlling.  Touch any of the other camera feeds to switch the selected camera.  To view the split screens larger, you can either press the enlarge icon at the bottom right of the screen or turn your device sideways like in image (4) below.

This comes in handy when you want to quickly check all your feeds at the same time in a quick manor.

Showing all Cameras.jpg
Adding multiple cameras
Adding multiple Cameras
to you Smart App

Adding a camera after you have already added one might be a little confusing because the "Add Device" no longer shows up.  When the "Add Device" button is visible when no devices have been added yet, you can still use this other method though.  The process is easy.  Instead of pressing "Add Device", you can press the (+) sign in the top right hand corner.  Then simply follow the same instructions you followed to add the first camera.

Home Screen with no devices added yet

Home Screen with 4 Cameras added

Starting the process of adding a Camera

Adding another camera.jpg
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